PARADISE FLOW TEAM: paradise flow aka PFR was formed on 2008 by GUTY-ASGE and DANY-G, who decided to form a music crew cuz of their music addiction, by 2010 the crew started growing biger and new young raper started signing in,then in 2016 the crew signed a partnersheep with the RJ PROD and made its official coming out.

KRANZY:  kranzy lee aka kranzy. was born in 1996 in Cameroon from a little town called EDEA from the age of 5 he had  passion for music and dancing.

And latter when his perents decided to send him to England with his aunt, there he became more of a music addict.he always wanted to be the greatest in hes gender,and today he is furfiling hes promises.

hes favourite artists are Michael Jackson,usher and chris brown. Kranzy is a young male singer and song writer.

MR.MENTE: Okoye Thomas aka Mr.Mente. was born on the 12 January 1997 by Alexander okoye and Aisha tounkara.

 he has always been passionate of music but hes dreams exploded Only when  he met the p-flow team. hes ambition to take music to the next level has no limit.

his favourite artists are young thung,mr.eazi and desiigner, mr.mente is a young male raper and song writer. 

our first steps towards music

KRANZY & MR.MENTE: are two passionates of music who became atached to eachother when they met in secundary school and decided to take music to the next level,both joined the PARADISE FLOW MUSIC TEAM who are in colaboration with RJ PROD  producers of their first album QUEST 4 FAME.